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All of our repairs are done quickly and efficiently by our trained in house technicians so you can be back in business just in time.

Reliable Nintendo Repair Service In Aylesbury

Our Nintendo repair service can provide you with repairs to all known faults with this console. This even includes: Power Failure, Wi-Fi Failure, Screen replacement and DVD Drive Faults. If you are struggling to identify the problem, our experts can help with that too.

Nintendo Repairs

Nintendo Switch Repairs

We can repair all Nintendo Switch faults, including screen repairs All Switch Repairs -  50.

Wii-U Repairs

We can repair all Wii-U console faults, including gamepad repairs. All Wii-U Repairs -  40.

Original Wii Repairs

Whether you are looking for repairs or modifications for your Wii, we always strive to provide competitive pricing. All Original Wii repairs -  25

Guaranteed Expert Repairs

Are you worried that if your console has broken once, it might do so again? All of our installations and repairs come with a One Year Warranty so that if the worst should happen, we have you covered. This also includes repairs for Xbox's and PlayStations. Contact Our Team to find out more.